Portfolio 2 for Grout Restoration

<Grout Restoration Commercial Bathroom>

Project One - Commercial Bathroom

Commercial bathroom that had been installed 5 years ago. Even after normal cleaning the grout became stained and unclean. Grout Restoration went in and made the grout look new again. This commercial property will have a maintenance agreement to redo in two years time.

<Rental Unit Tile Wall Bathroom>

Project Two - Rental Unit Shower Wall

This project was completed on a shower wall rental unit As you can see the rental was not in very good shape after being rented out. Grout Restoration was called in to redo the grout before the rental unit was put back into the market place for new tenants. This process allowed the homeowner to get the rental back onto the market place asap, and saved money rather than replace all new tile or grout .

<Water Damaged Area>

Project Three - Water Damaged Staining Grout

In this project there was water leaking slowly onto the floor over time. The subfloor however was not damaged by the water, just the discoloration of the grout. In most when there has been damaged caused by water on tile, if the grout is damaged only, insurance will not cover to replace with new grout or tile. Grout Restoration is a quick and convenient way to make this bathroom look new again.

<Commercial Shower>

Project Four - Commercial Shower in a Community Centre Gym

This project when quoted with ripout of old tile, installation of new tile and new product far exceeded the budget of this Community Centre. Grout Restoration was called in to see if we could redo the area on a very tight budget until the Centre is able to budget for a new shower room. The clients were very happy because we were able to make the Gym shower presentable to the users again, and have bought them 2 years to budget properly for a new shower room. .

Project Five - Grandma's Kitchen and Bathroom

These clients were seniors, and just over time the grout in the kitchen and bathrooms became worn and soiled. The daughter had suggested doing the Grout Restoration to clean everything up and make the tile and grout look new again. Her mom wasn't able to get down anymore on her knees and give the tile a good cleaning. We loved completing this job since the home owner) Grandma was thrilled with the new look. She had mentioned that she was embarrassed having company over, but couldn't afford new tile and grout. This was certainly a win - win situation for everyone involved.

Project Six- Real Stone Tile and Grout

Real Stone tile compared to a porcelain is harder to take care of and keep clean. All Stone tiles need to be sealed. In this project we cleaned the old tile, resealed it, and then did a final Grout Restoration. The customer was very happy with the outcome and the money saved from not having to rip out the old tired tile and discolored grout that had been installed years ago. The stone looked new again, and the grout like it had just been installed.