Frequestly Asked Questions for Grout Restoration process.

There are no harmful chemicals or smells if it is just a regular job of redoing the grout. If there are tiles that need to be fixed, or any other maintenance issues such as mold or meldew, then the installation might have other products that will be used at the job site. This would be determined at the time of the quote.

Grout Restoration can restore your grout color to its orignial color, or you have an option of another 20 colors to choose from. There are about 10 standard colors that are the most popular and are available immediately. Specialty colors are usually in stock, but may have to be ordered on occasion.

Grout Restoration can be completed on bathroom walls and floors, showers, kitchen walls and floors, fireplaces and decks. Basically anywhere there is tile and grout.

Yes, we do both residential and commercial jobs, big or small. The dirtier and greasier commercial jobs will usually require a heavy cleaning for best results initially that we complete first, and then we redo the grout restore. It is also a good idea to keep up with a maintenance program on these jobs so the area always looks good.

No dust and dirt are created if we are just doing the grout restore. If there is damage to the grout originally, and it is falling out, we will have to take out the old grout and repair it before we do the grout restore. In this case, dust may be created.

The areas that are being done with just grout restoration can be used right away, or within hours. If any other maintenance issues arise, that can change the time of use. This will be determined at time of quote.

In order to a professional job, I would recommend that you replace the broken tile or tiles first. The biggest concern in doing this is finding the extra tile needed. Hopefully there are spare pieces that were left over from the original installation. The good thing also about replacing the broken tile at the time of restoring your grout, is that all the grout will match up to the new tile being installed.

Grout restoration is a very quick process. It takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a day depending on the square footage of the job and whether it is a residential job, or a large commercial job. The results are instant and can be seen very quickly. Access to the area being done is instantaneously once the installer has completed the area.

That is a very good question.Grout Restoration is less expensive from 90 - 70 % on average than replacing your tile. In regards to replacing your old tile with new, the biggest costs are ripping out the old tile, and in most cases replacing your subfloor or drywall as well if needed. These costs can be absorbed by the home owner if you complete the work yourself. Be careful however since walls can be damaged when removing old floors. You are also looking at the cost of the new tiles and then the installation costs as well. As you can see, the costs can add up very quickly for a new floor. The time it takes is also a factor. Grout Restoration are in and out within hours. Tiling projects can sometimes go on for days and months...